Art application – Create a sculpture on your phone

The virtual Prigione by Chiara PassaSculpture has been one of the art domains that we at the 3 Inch Canvas have not yet been able to penetrate. Because of this, we are even happier to be able to report a nice addition to the list of art applications for mobile phones. The Italian artist Chiara Passa has just released an exciting new kind of art application for the iPhone. The application is called “The virtual Prigione” and allows users to sculpt their own sculpture on their iPhones.

This is what Chiara says about her application: ““The virtual Prigione” app for iPhone, is an interactive portrait video-sculpture inspired by the concept of the latest “unfinished” sculptures of Michelangelo, named “Prigioni.” The app is dynamic and interactive, the user can sculpt it just using the finger as a chisel. “The virtual Prigione” represents various states of being. The spectator can choose to liberate the sculpture from the marble (using chisel as -) and its dependence material, so the body-statue sublimates and the marble becomes virtual idea. Or the user can also choose to imprison the statue into the marble (using chisel as +), bringing it to the primordial state where the mass has a simple geometric figure.

You can get the application from the iPhone app store. The app is free and you can find it be searching for “V Prigione”.

You cal also check it out at either the US or the Italian app store:

US store link: here and Italian store link: here.

Added on May 9, at 17:00 Finnish (GMT+2) time. 

Just found a lovely video done by Chiara that illustrates what her concept is all about. Check it out!


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